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South Africa Safari: October 7-17, 2014

southafricaWhen: October 7-17, 2014
Capetown and Kruger National Park
How Much: $3500
Registration: SOLD OUT
To be added to the waitlist: Contact us at events@aba.org.
ABA Safari Staff: Adam Riley, Jeff & Liz Gordon, Forrest Rowland, George Armistead, and more…

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Big game, incredible birds, an amazing group of people all gathering for a great cause. Join the ABA, Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures, and BirdLife South Africa for an utterly unique Safari experience. Safari profits will help support local conservation efforts through BirdLife South Africa

On Safari (Photo © Leon Fouce)

On Safari (Photo © Leon Fouce)


White Rhino (Photo © Adam Riley)

White Rhino
(Photo © Adam Riley)

Lion (Photo © Adam Riley)

(Photo © Adam Riley)

For any nature enthusiast Africa is special. The vast continent is home to most of earth’s classic megafauna. From the time that we are children, many of the first animals we learn about are from sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed these are often some of the very first words we learn as a kid. From the classic “Big 5″ including the African Elephant, the lion, the rhinoceros, the leopard, and the Cape buffalo, to the world’s tallest animal the giraffe, such icons loom forever in a naturalist’s mind. That these animals exist is a fact we take for granted, but most of us have never seen them roaming free.

In a way, making a pilgrimage to Africa is like going home again. Here are these animals you don’t ever remember not knowing about. You have marvelled at them in the zoo, and then like any nature enthusiast, you take a moment to envision them on their native turf. Lest we forget… of course there are birds in South Africa too. Lots of birds. Endemic birds. Amazing birds.

Lilac-breasted Roller  (Photo © Adam Riley)

Lilac-breasted Roller
(Photo © Adam Riley)

Orange-breasted Sunbird (Photo © Adam Riley)

Orange-breasted Sunbird
(Photo © Adam Riley)

We hope that this opportunity to visit South Africa with the ABA, and hosts Rockjumper and BirdLife South Africa, is a chance to recapture the wonder you had as a child, and at a good price and in a feasible time-frame. Not only are there a wealth of birds and animals to see in South Africa, but Cape Town is a fantastic place for seabirds. In addition to the lions, elephants, Secretarybirds, and Bateleurs we’ll seek, we’ll search for penguins and albatrosses too. In the evenings you can wind down with your choice of fine South Africa wine. It’s no coincidence that we chose October for this magnificent South Africa Safari, as this is far and away the best month for birding and wildlife viewing. In addition to the ABA staff, we will have top local birding experts along as guides and giving presentations. The ABA South Africa Safari will coincide with BirdLife South Africa’s Save Our Seabirds Festival in Cape Town, and (weather permitting) there will be an opportunity to participate in a pelagic trip to search for Yellow-nosed Albatross, giant-petrels, White-chinned Petrels and other seabirds.

Secretarybird (Photo © Markus Lilje)

(Photo © Markus Lilje)

Saddle-billed Stork  (Photo © Markus Lilje)

Saddle-billed Stork
(Photo © Markus Lilje)

Join your fellow ABA members and our in-country hosts for what is sure to be an epic expedition to South Africa. Contact George Armistead (garmistead@aba.org; (800) 850-2473, ext. 260) to register your interest for this unique offering.

Cape Mountains  (Photo © Adam Riley)

Cape Mountains
(Photo © Adam Riley)

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