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What is a Birding Rally?

A Birding Rally is an event where a few dozen of our membership meet up for several days of birding together. There are many benefits of being part of a larger group. The price is often well below what it would be for a small group, yet we enjoy the small group experience. Field trips are limited to groups of 10 people to a van plus driver and leader, Depending on the habitat and the birding we will determine if a location can allow one van or two, for instance shorebirding is a fine match for larger groups. In the evenings we come together for dinners, which are festive occasions for all to gather and share experiences from the day.

Our goals are to cover a host of rich birding sites, to see a good variety of birds, and to enjoy the company of our fellow ABA members.

One other goal is to get to understand the area we are birding. We try to serve local cuisine and enjoy input from local birders as to what, besides the birds, makes the area we are visiting interesting. In this way we are not swooping in and invading a space but getting to understand the people and the culture and identity of a birding hotspot. Maybe even making new friends and having a positive input on the local community.

We do this by supporting a local conservation cause. We have supported banding projects and habitat reforestation and rehabilitation. We have given young birders their first paid field trip leading jobs.

The ultimate goal of our new Rally format is for ABA members to make a difference when we visit a spot. ABA members get so much out of birding. It means so much to us as birders to have healthy birding areas to visit. By achieving our set goals, the larger group sizes rally together for a common good! That is why we came up with our ABA Rally series of birding trips.

Because a Rally is a larger group size and many birding sites are best visited in small groups, we divide Rally participants into groups. Within these smaller groups we bird hotspots, with the three groups cycling through the same set of sites, just at different times. Barring anything unforeseen (e.g. failure of a vehicle, inclement weather, etc.), each group visits all the same sites, thus enjoying opportunities to see the same species.

So come let’s Rally, ABA style!!

If you have any question about any event, contact Liz Deluna Gordon: [email protected] or call the office at 1-800-850-2473(BIRD)