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ABA RALLY - Delaware Bayshore Shorebird Spectacle

Experience one of North America’s great birding and wildlife spectacles as thousands of breeding-plumaged shorebirds gorge on the eggs of Horseshoe Crabs, one of the oddest. and oldest, creatures on Earth. Nearby wetlands and forests are bursting with breeding birds and migrants, making for a wonderful long birding weekend!

Shorebirds galore along the Delaware Bay shoreline.

  May 17 – 20, 2018

Where:  We’ll stay at the comfortable Virden Conference Center on the edge of the quaint seaside town of Lewes, Delaware.

How Much:$895.00 per person Single Supplement $200.00

Skill level: New to Birding to Been Birding Forever – All Welcome!

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Contact: Email [email protected] with any questions you may have about this rally.Or call 1-800-850-2473 ext. 653 or 302-838-3653

What is a Birding Rally?

The month of May along the Delaware Bayshore brings enormous numbers of horseshoe crabs along the beach to lay their millions of eggs, and it is also the time for hundreds of thousands of migrating shorebirds to feast upon those eggs as they refuel prior to their last 3000 mile non-stop flight to their breeding grounds.

This evolutionary spectacle has to be seen to be believed! Some years are better than others…thanks to conservation efforts, it has been getting better every year!

Migrating shorebirds  feast upon a bountiful supply of Horseshoe Crab eggs, willingly fattening themselves up for the breeding season.

The Delaware Bayshore is the critical stopover habitat for northbound shorebirds migrating along the Atlantic Flyway. They stop here to feed on abundant and protein-rich Horseshoe Crab eggs, in one of the more unusual and wonderful natural spectacles anywhere. We’ll enjoy great, close studies of thousands of shorebirds of 20 or so species, most wearing their gorgeous breeding colors.

And while shorebirds along the beach are the star attraction, they are just the beginning.  Within a short driving distance of two acclaimed National Wildlife Refuges, Bombay Hook and Prime Hook, and thousands of acres of mixed hardwood and pine forests, participants will experience the rich diversity of bird species found during May in this unique birding bonanza.

There is a distinct southern element to the avifauna here, with species like Summer and Scarlet tanagers, Worm-eating, Kentucky, Prothonotary, and Yellow-throated warblers, and Brown-headed Nuthatch.

We will pick the best days for shorebirding and when the tides and winds aren’t as favorable we will head out for some forest and field birding. Top the birding weekend off with a traditional Delaware Style Blue Crab Picking session. (optional)

Bird photography opportunities are excellent throughout.

The ABA is headquartered nearby, and we are always excited to welcome birders to our home area at its birding peak. Expect a warm welcome, exciting birding, and an opportunity to see behind the scenes of this natural phenomenon in a way that few visitors do. See you in May!

When the tides and the weather conditions are right male Horseshoe Crabs follow the females to the shore where she lays her eggs.

The Horseshoe crab eggs provide a veritable smorgasbord for all the creatures along the shoreline.