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Conservation & Community
The American Birding Association’s mission is “to inspire all people to protect and enjoy wild birds”. By joining the ABA you support this mission and also help build a stronger birding community. The ABA thrives by unifying the birding community and providing information to its membership and beyond. The ABA blog is accessible to anyone and offers a wealth of information. The ABA checklist committee maintains the ABA Area checklist (in accordance with the AOU) that is the basis for nearly all birding lists in the ABA Area. ABA events offer members the chance to enjoy seeing great birds while in the fantastic company of fellow birders. We have fun. In addition to our events, publications, on-line content, and maintaining ABA Code of Birding Ethics, we provide educational opportunities for young and adult birders, and through our Birders’ Exchange program provide support to conservation projects that benefit birds.

If you are not an ABA member we hope you’ll consider joining. If you are a member we thank you for your support! If you are interested in making a gift to support ABA conservation and community initiatives, click here. Your gift could make a big impact in our quest to further goals common to all birders.

Birders: outside, learning, having fun.

Birders: outside, learning, & having fun at an ABA Conference