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ABA Birding Rally: Southeast Arizona

trogon_smWhen:  August 15 – 20, 2016
Where: Sierra Vista, Arizona
How Much: $1649
Registration: REGISTER TODAY (click here)
Limit: 64 people (field trips in small groups of ~8 to 16 people)
Hosts: Richard Fray, Jennie Duberstein, Rick Wright, Homer Hansen, Jeff & Liz Gordon, George Armistead and more.
Info/Contact: For more info see here, or email: events@aba.org

Perhaps the hottest corner of the ABA Area for a staggering array of showy, specialty birds, Southeast Arizona in August is a birder’s paradise. This rally is backed right up against the Southeast Arizona Birding Festival so that you can enjoy both events back to back.   More Info »

ABA Birding Rally: Puerto Rico

puertorico_smWhen:  October 2 – 8, 2016
Where: Puerto Rico – San Juan & La Parguera
How Much: $2495
Registration: Contact events@aba.org, 800-850-2473
Hosts: Gabriel Lugo, and others
For more info:
email events@aba.org, and see the event INFO sheet here  


From the tiny, colorful Tody, to the ornate Puerto Rican Woodpecker to the island’s unique tanager, the United States territory of Puerto Rico is indeed rich in birds. More Info »

ABA New Zealand Safari – Penguins, Albatrosses, and more

newzealand_smWhen:  January 4 – 15, 2017 
Where: Invercargill & Auckland, New Zealand
How Much: $5020 and up (depending on berth selection)
Registration: Register Now (click here), or email info@rockjumperbirding.com to register now!
Limit: 45 people (small field groups, ~8 to 16 people)
Hosts: Adam Riley, Jeff & Liz Gordon, Forrest Rowland, George Armistead and more.
: For more INFO click here, and/or contact events@aba.org with any questions.

Along with Easter Island and Hawaii, New Zealand provides one corner of a vast region of the Pacific Ocean, known as the Polynesian Triangle.  More Info »

Panama Canal Cruise – Miami to San Diego

cruiseship_smWhen:  April 2 – 17, 2017 
Where: Miami to San Diego, via Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica Guatemala and Mexico.
How Much: Starting at $2815

Registration: REGISTER TODAY (click here)
30 registrants
Hosts: Jeff & Liz Gordon, and local guides
Info/Contact: Call Carefree Birding at 954-766-2919, or email: carefreebirding@aol.com

Join Jeff and Liz Gordon for a sensational 16-day, multi-country cruise through the tropics More Info »